Your Ironic Chef (lilithcoyote) wrote in postqueer,
Your Ironic Chef

Since my question was deleted from the thread below, I'll ask again here:

Does "oppression" mean something? And if it doesn't, why not, and why discuss it? Are we supposed to pretend that every single person gets to enter the game with the same amount of points for and against them, and if they don't "win" it's their own fault? Is acknowledging disadvantage old fashioned and passe now?

Yeah, the questions are a little bit loaded. I'm pissed off, for obvious reasons, about the mocking of some boi or "bwah" as they keep saying, below. I would hope that no matter how "ovah it" we all are about "oppression olympics" or however real problems are being dismissed this season, that this is not seen as OK.

NOTE: Due to the out-of-control arguing, I disabled comments for this post. Sorry to have to take such measures, but after 100-some comments, I think enough was enough.

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