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Okay what the hell is 'straight looking? I'm fed up with people in the alternative/queer/gaydykefaglesbian/bi/trans community using those two words or slight variation of to describe someone's perceived lack of queer ID/passing.

I point out that everyone culturally takes in visual cues in the communities they live/work/associate around. We do not live with blinders on. So why do we still go around using such comments, statements, generalities to put people in the queer community down?

I'm not talking about making cracks about mullets and fanny packs. That's humor. I'm talking about this painfully excruciating need in some discussions to delineate what makes up someone's identity in what ever faction of the queer community they may see themselves in.

Fuck you all, I'm a big old lesbian, dyke, butch, faggy, homo who wears birkenstocks at times. But that's only a start on a list of definitions that I could type for hours and never finish to only touch the very surface of who I am. And in the long run explain nothing about what I feel or how I think.

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