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I am part of the field effort across the state to defeat this hateful amendment. I thought I would invite you to look at the various opportunities we have for you to help. Whether you are interested in a leadership role as part of the NE Ohio regional team or perhaps a less time consuming way to contribute, we have a broad spectrum of opportunity.

Certainly we will be canvassing, making phone calls and doing mailings.... But the attached document describes specific team/leadership roles that I hope to begin to fill in the various regions around the state. It seems to work best if I send the attached document that describes various activities that we will need help with as part of the regional teams... then we can talk personally about what you might like to do. Please look them over and see if any of these roles appeal to you...

If you are a very busy person, there are three things you can do for sure without involving too much of your time.
1. Vote NO when this measure appears on the ballot.

2.Talk to your family, friends and neighbors about why this proposed amendment is bad for you. It is very difficult to vote against people you love and respect when they understand the issue... make sure they know the facts, visit our website often to keep up to date on the most current developments and to learn about talking points that help you have these kinds of conversations.

3.Contribute! Being successful in an Ohio statewide campaign can be very expensive with 8 distinctly different media markets in our state, the cost to defeat these guys can easily run into the millions... $10-20-50-100 or more would be great!

I look forward to hearing back from you.

... OCP Regional Team Roles/Assignments (Key Volunteers)
Regional Coordinator  (RC)
This person is the campaign’s KEY contact and is responsible to create and develop the structure of your organization; they will oversee and hold accountable all aspects of the campaign in your region. Reports directly to Field Director.
Volunteer Coordinator (VC)
Tracks volunteers vital information and communicates regularly through email or phone to keep volunteers engaged and appreciated. They will uncover or develop strengths of volunteers and provide the ‘human resources’ to all aspects of regional efforts. They will be go-to person when people are needed for events, mailings and all activities of your regional efforts. In the beginning this will be the Regional Coordinator. If database access is portable, it is critical that whomever has access to the database is loyal, committed and trustworthy. Until we know performance of individual volunteers we do not give this access. Reports directly to Regional Coordinator
Events Coordinator (EC)
This person will keep a calendar of events for tabling opportunities, our representatives should attend. They will advise Media coordinator of appropriate press releases and earned media opportunities. They will advise Materials coordinator to make sure all needed materials are in stock and on-site for upcoming events. They will work with Media coordinator to provide the appropriate press releases and work with the Regional contact to make sure all advance work is in place. Works hand in glove with RC and VC but responsible to RC
Mine + 9 Coordinator (M9C)
Coordinates all efforts to implement M+9. Works with regional coordinator to identify voters to be targeted. Prepares labels, materials and maps to be used at M+9 opportunities. Works with events coordinator to set up community events for voter ‘adoption’, and/or piggybacks at existing events. Follows up to make certain data is being documented for GOTV.
Coalition Building
Individuals with close ties to groups, organizations, churches, weblogs, forums, etc can use these networks to recruit additional volunteers, money and/or to promote voter education. These kinds of networks are powerful tools. It is useful if one person tracks and documents all of these kinds of contacts and the results so that duplication can be avoided and so that we can make the best use of our partnerships.
Yard Sign Coordinator
This volunteer tracks and arranges for signs to be delivered or picked up by those who request them. Also works with partners/groups (Labor is a big yard sign collaborator) to help get them out. Additionally actively seeks high visibility yards and locations for signs.
Speaker Bureau
This person makes sure that those who attend events, or have the opportunity to address a group of persuadable voters, are well versed, well prepared for questions, and have the appropriate visual aid materials for the venue. They will work with people who want to be ‘ambassadors’ to make sure we are putting forth a consistent message no matter who, what, where, when…
Fundraising Coordinator/Friends asking Friends Coordinator
Recruits individuals to host house parties (also an M+9 opportunity). Purpose is to educate neighbors, friends and families about the ballot initiative and of course to raise $$$. It is critical to emphasize importance of continuity of message to hosts of each House Party. Prepares House Party Kits materials, video’s? and talking points. Keeps track of materials and is responsible for collecting contributions and getting the funds to statewide office within 48 hours of each House Party. Also responsible to provide voter data to data management personnel. (Collected cash MUST be transferred to money order and mailed on weekly basis to Treasurer. Info is needed for checks: specifically occupation and employer).
Supplemental Roles/Assignments
Materials Coordinator (MC)
Tracks and supplies campaign materials. Works with ‘events’. They will control inventory and resist attempts to give away high cost materials such as t-shirts and other items that may be produced for promotion.
Multi-Media Coordinator (MMC)
Two kinds: ‘Paid’ and ‘Earned’. Earned is when we get coverage from events and appearances or ‘gimme’s”; paid is obvious. The trick is to minimize paid and maximize earned. Most major media will be handled by the campaign manager but it will critical to advise campaign of local publication opportunities. Track what is being said locally in papers and electronic media, forum users and blog watchers should inform leadership team through the regional coordinator of buzz on weekly basis as needed. Look for volunteers who are savvy Blog watchers and can use blogs and forums to spread and track our message.
University Coordinator (UC)
Organizes student efforts on regional campuses, using similar structure as described here. Students will be a huge force in this campaign if we can organize them and channel the energy.
Union Coordinator
Some one who belongs to-- or has great contacts with area unions. They will work to gain support, $$$, endorsements, volunteers events for appearances etc.
Minority Coordinator
Someone who can work with the predominate minorities in your region. Should be an activist in those communities and be known and respected. They will know what to do if you get the right person.

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