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It is an egregious mistake to pretend that all GLBT families are alike and that legal civil marriage will cure their ills. And the hard truth is that same-sex marriage will not to be applied to or experienced "equally" by all GLBT people.

If the GLBT movement is simply looking for equality under the law — surely a modest and estimable goal — why do the particular circumstances of poor GLBT people even matter? What does it matter that some people might choose to live outside the traditional-marriage arrangement? Because the rhetoric of the GLBT movement is that same-sex marriage is essential for the health and welfare of GLBT families. But the very way they have framed the debate, and the ways in which they have lobbied and organized this fight, has ensured that only the most traditional, and the most middle- and upper-class, of gay families will reap the lion’s share of the benefits.

Michael Bronski, in the Boston Phoenix this week. (Emphasis mine.) Worth a read. I'd be interested in people's comments.

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