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cause i'm procrastinating...

x-posted from chestertodd cause epilady thot it was funny...

so i'm working on this document for work, i honestly don't know what possessed me, but i the movie Perfect came on and i just let it run. this presented two equally fascinating results.

in my moments of procrastination, what do i stumble upon??

1 - omg. "tom, i am your father..."
let me just caveat this separated at birth/father thing by saying no one liked the movie perfect. so there are very few pictures of it trolling the internet. however, when i queued it up for epilady this evening and asked, "who does that look like?" she didnt miss a beat. i so wish i could get a better pic! there are similiarities galore. but these pics will have to suffice.

summer lovin...

(Damn, I'll have to hook up to the Tivo to get some good examples of this. Riddle me this, why are there no shots of John Travolta in his lean/mean years??)

oh, and by the way, tom's definitely not gay like his dad... see?

2 - can scientology fix you??

i was looking into JT's gayness, and it turns out that someone is currently in litigation with the gang at Scientology, Inc., over the fact that he spent over $500k on the whole plan and still isn't cured. Travolta is asked to testify as he was used as an example of a cured "gay" person... did it work for him? You decide.

Here's a couple other sites to chew on...

http://www.lermanet.com/cos/pattinson1.htm - guy has a very interesting scientology experience too.

really, he's not gay.

3 - why not make a movie w/lesbian lovers and find out??
what the HELL is this movie?? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077942/. I pulled this pic thinking, aww cute, Tom and Lily... but come on. the movie is written and directed by Lily's long term lover and creater of the amazing one woman play Search for Signs of Inteligent Life in the Universe. I have 2 good stories about this, one w/Mary Daly... but I'll save that for another time!

and an extra goodie for all you who like to look at hunky men...


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