Crystal (staveflyer) wrote in postqueer,

stolen from vespakid
not to bully you, but if you don't do this, we can't be friends.
not to be cliche, but it ONLY TAKES A FUCKING MINUTE.
Have a nice day. : )

CALL YOUR SENATOR: 1-800-672-3184!

What to say when you call...Use your own words, or use ours:

"My name is YOUR NAME from YOUR ADDRESS. I am calling to urge the Senator to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment when it comes to a vote next week. The proposed amendment to our founding document is unnecessary, discriminatory, and undermines the principles upon which our Constitution was written. As my elected official in Congress, I hope that you will concentrate on more important matters such as the struggling economy, the war in Iraq, and health care, rather than devoting time to a discriminatory, unnecessary amendment. Thank you."

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