zzz (usedtobeme) wrote in postqueer,

gwen araujo trial

just a quick note -- there was a mistrial declared in the araujo trial...the jury could not come to a unanimous verdict.

what i want to put out there right now--what the media may not report immediately--is that the jurors were deadlocked on murder 1 vs. murder 2. that means the jury AGREED this was murder.

the jury REJECTED manslaughter...which means the jury REJECTED the trans panic defense..and in fact the guy whose attorney drilled in the whole "sexual deception" and "gwen took away his right ot be heterosexual" got the MOST guilty votes of all of the defendants.
more to follow.

for those in the bay area, the family is coming to the tranny march on friday and is inviting anyone and everyone to march with them.

also--there is a RALLY TONIGHT at 5:30 PM in Harvey Milk Plaza

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