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Gay Marriage and the IRS

Married gays may not file jointly says IRS

Falls Church, VA, Jun. 14 (UPI) -- A conservative policy group released a letter Monday from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service that says same-sex couples cannot file federal taxes as marrieds.

"Only married individuals," as defined under the federal Defense of Marriage Act, "could elect to file a joint tax return," the IRS said in response to a letter from the Public Advocate of the United States. "Even though a state may recognize a union of two people of the same sex as a legal marriage for the purposes within that state's authority, that recognition has no effect for purposes of federal law."

"A taxpayer in such a relationship may not claim the status of a married person on the federal income tax return," the agency said.

The group said the IRS letter represents, "a victory for the American family."

The IRS response was sent in reply to concerns raised by the group as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts moved closer to permitting legal gay marriage ceremonies to be conducted within its borders.


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