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Finding my way to femme

I know this isn't a femme-specific community, but since there are several femmes here with perspectives on their way of being that I appreciate, I'm asking for assistance from you the one way I know how. Please forgive me if this pushes any buttons for any of you. And I've looked at some of the femme-related communities on LJ and honestly felt as if this question would get a better hearing here. Too many of those were either insanely low-traffic or looked like personal ad communities.

At risk of sounding like a self-help book for the terminally stupid, I am in search of good resources for understanding femme as a source of power and self-empowerment. I've been using a soft butch motif as a form of hiding myself and hiding from myself for a long time, and it's been driven home to me recently that I need to stop. I need to accept the idea that putting my personal form of beauty on display in the way that suits it (that being more femme than I've been letting it be) isn't going to negate my strength. It's not the entire picture for me, but it's part of the whole.

So, help?

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