Purple Monkey Dishwasher (niketheplusle) wrote in postqueer,
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Female characters...

I just got Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on Game Boy Advance. I already have the Game Cube version but now I have both. In the game cube version, you can only play some of the men. Not that there are many female characters. I was psyched to see I could play Eowin (the blond female who had a chush on Aragorn the king). I have been thinking of this. I wonder why I get excited with the idea of playing a female character. She is weaker, of cource, and she only looks different than the men. I wonder what is so segnificant about her being a woman...one thing is for sure though, I have always been like this. I was always excited to see females in movies and programs, although I didn't always apreciate the way they were portrayed...anyway, my question would be, why should this be segnificant?

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