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queer-specific wedding invitations!

Sincere apologies for the crosspost, but a friend needs some input on her new venture. I'd be grateful to pass on any feedback you have about her site,, which is the nation's only full-featured website featuring
fine stationery items, invitations and announcements designed specifically for the gay and lesbian consumer. I wish we had access to a site like this when we were trying to plan our wedding last year!

You can reply here or email me directly with any suggestions or impressions.

Specifically, she wants to know:
* Do you like the overall layout of the site? Is it easy to use?
* Would you use the service? If not, what would need to change for you to use the service?
* Do you like the selection of cards, the prices, and other options? Please offer any suggestions in these areas and I will pass them on.

And please support the site if you can - she donates liberally to same-sex marriage supporting organizations from the sales of her cards.

Thanks for your help - please spread around to any other relevant sites you know of, and I look forward to hearing your input!

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