the divine ment (hoptkov) wrote in postqueer,
the divine ment

Sometimes I get frustrated and annoyed at this whole trend, where apparently like every teenage and college-age woman is bisexual now, because it's led to lots of people dismissing any mention of bi-ness as "oh, you mean you're Gay Until Graduation." If I tell people I am bisexual when the subject comes up, I always feel like they are or they may be thinking "oh, uh huh, yeah, sure..."

If I fib, and tell people I am gay, I can be sure they'll take it seriously, but then things happen, like me telling the woman who has become my best friend at college that I was gay when it came up because I didn't want to be dismissed, and then for months she had no clue that yes, I do like girls, and was very surprised when that came up.

I think I will just stick to self-describing as bi, and people who dismiss that can just go ahead and do that, and will realize I'm for real when they hear me talking about my intarweb-boyfriend-somethingorother of almost two years. Because I talk about him way more than I talk about hot girls.

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