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A post about a cat.

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Remember Tetsuo?

Two summers ago, he mangled his paw and spent 6 weeks recovering in our bathroom. That adventure was expensive and stressful for us, and cost him a digit and two testicles (awww). Upon his recovery, he promptly ran out the door and rejoined his beloved mom in the backyard.

Last week, I noticed a sign on the subway stating that a stray cat had been struck by a car and was taken to Animal Kind for surgery. As we hadn't seen Tetsuo for several days, I suspected the worst. Sure enough, a trip to Animal Kind confirmed it - he's hopped up on a ketamine drip, freaked out, and obviously in a lot of pain.

The good samaritan who brought him in contributed about $250 toward his bill. The vet heavily discounted the bill, and shaved several expenses off entirely, but with the surgery, the long hospital stay, the massive internal bleeding, the fractured pelvis, and the breathing irregularities, we're looking at some ridiculous expenses - and that's even before he starts hanging out in our bathroom getting medication and special food. It's up to about $700 at this point, and he's not even ready to leave the hospital for several days.

If you care to help out, that would be fabulous. Send whatever you can - even small amounts will help tremendously - to me via PayPal. My account is linked to I promise you that every penny you send us will go directly to the recovery and rehabilitation of this brave, sweet, but not especially bright feral cat.

You can also send this link around by email too --¤cy_code=USD

Meanwhile, princessrugger and I have confirmed that there are kittens in our garage. Anybody want one?

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