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is it not fear that allows oppression to continue?

im pretty fucking sick of the LGBT and gay-friendly voices who say they "fear" that the SF marriages and Massachusetts decisions will lead to the passage of the constitutional amendment.

these are our spokespeople and they OWE IT to us--are paid to, in fact-- to DISPEL THE FEAR, not perpetuate it.

i just spent two consecutive weeks watching couples who had never been publicy affectionate take their first public kiss in front of ten news cameras, potentially risking their kansas-ass pro-family jobs, and someone with the status and prestige of Barney Frank has the nerve to go on record with comments that these couples' weddings should be Feared?? FUCK YOU.


it is time, ladies, gentlemen, and others. it is time.

i dont mean to say that we can all afford to politicize breakfast or be a flaming queen at a family funeral or potentialy cause conflicts that would not be worth the pain.

but i do think we can all afford to press someone or something just a little bit more. and i do *know* that indivdual acts have consequences, and we all have the power to create some reverberations.

i for one have been uncomfortable around my relatives, have avoided certain family functions, only to hear later about the catholic-blue-collar discussions around homosexuality, all while the same relatives depend on me to take care of certain aspects of the family.

My resolution? guess who's coming to dinner....

i can afford several hours of potential discomfort in order to educate people who have known me long enough to listen. what can you afford?

what is the 'next step' you have been avoiding or putting off until later? what can you do to convince your more accepting friends and relatives not to just be supportive but actually start fighting?

it's time.

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